Core Strength and Flexibility

Back muscles and abdominal muscles are our “Core Muscles”. They tend toward weakness unless specifically exercised. Most people who exercise regularly do not exercise the core well. They do not spend enough time to get the most benefit from a strong core. Strong back and abdominal muscles can heal and prevent most types of back pain.

The bones of the spine provide a very wide range of movement and are the support for the trunk of the body. The arms and legs attach to the trunk by ligaments and muscles. When the core muscles are strong and toned they provide the fundamental, primary strength for the limbs. If the trunk muscles are weak then the bones of the back can be pulled out of alignment more easily, possibly leading to sprain and strain injuries, disc injuries and subluxation. Weak muscles of the core can lead to poor and improper posture, which when it becomes habitual, can lead to a great deal of pain and discomfort. When misalignments of the spine (subluxations) are left unattended it may lead to osteoarthritis of the back which is the wear and tear type of arthritis. This can be one of the scenarios which lead to risky and unwanted back surgery.

There is hope! By strengthening weak muscles of the core and stretching tight muscles to create a healthy balance in the core we can keep the back healthy and vibrant.

We have 3 types of muscles in the abdomen and back.

1.   Flexion.  These muscles are the ones that bend our trunk forward (like sit-ups) and they are also the ones that move the legs inward toward the center of the body (leg adductors).

2.   Extension. These are the muscles that keep us standing upright and they also make us bend backward. Also it is these muscles that move our legs sideways away from our body. ( leg abduction)

3.   Rotary Muscles. These rotate us from side to side allowing us to twist and see behind us.

Therefore, in order for our patients to get to the goal of optimum health and vibrancy, we are offering a 4 week exercise class, "Start a Movement: 'Back' to Fitness", every Saturday morning in January 2017. The class will enable you to work at your own pace using your own body weight. This means there is no expensive equipment or machines and there is one less barrier to getting healthy!

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