Read what some of our satisfied clients have to say about

Demaray Chiropractic & Nutrition Center.

Dr. Demaray took her time in her examination and to listen to my concerns.. Now I swear by her healing hands. Thank You!
— S.A.
I look forward to my visits with THE BEST Chiropractor, Dr. Carla Demaray. She and the rest of the staff are so sweet, I leave feeling perfect, relaxed, and literally pain free! Its like a miracle. Dr. Demaray knows exactly whats wrong and takes her time to fix you right up. She’s a blessing!
— Mindee H.
Feels like I’m Standing taller and not hunching over!
— Kendall S.
I can walk normally and have regain much of my strength in my left leg and hip. Dr. Demaray got me through a stressful move successfully!
— M.N.
My entire back was so tense, it was restricting me from doing any physical activity with out pain. It was restricting me from working, moving, regular day to day activities—even simply turning and walking.

Once Dr. Demaray ‘pretzeled’ (adjusted) me, and gave me an education on safe lifting, and exercise/stretching, I’ve have increased mobility; now I can do anything I want!

Follow the recommended amount of visits and you’ll see results. Do it for yourself!
— Jesus G.
I suffered from chronic migraines before coming to see Dr. Demaray. I tried chiropractic care, medication from medical doctors, and massage therapy. My hobbies are riding horses, running, and exercising, which I am unable to do while experiencing the migraines. I was introduced to Dr. Demaray by Christian, after getting several massages from him at The Studio. Since then, because of the adjustments and Standard Process supplements, my migraines have improved significantly; I have maybe 1 – 2 migraines per month, compared to 12 – 15. Dr. Demaray is amazing! I love that I am NOT taking any prescription medication and have relief from the migraines that prevented me from doing everyday activities.
— T.H.
After nearly 20 years of chronic pain, inflammation, lung infections and autoimmune disease, I decided to try chiropractic care. After just ONE adjustment, I felt a level of relief and wellness that was way beyond my expectations! For the first time in years, I was able to take a full deep breath. My entire chest and abdominal region felt open and released of pain. I regained feeling in my feet and hands, and immediately enjoyed more mobility and felt energized. I would definitely recommend chiropractic and especially Dr. Demaray!
— Danielle J.

Phyllis M. Success Story

It was recommended that I quit my job, take lots of medication and to schedule surgery... Her personalized, professional [and] compassionate care has made all the difference. I am still working and don’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Demaray to anyone needing relief from pain and too many medications
— Kim W.
I’m on my fourth night of a great night sleep with no medication and no pain in my back.
— Caroline H.
I no longer experience allergies and rarely get sick. As a teacher, that is almost unheard of!
— Kelly D.
My left hip was so painful when I
first came in that I needed regular over-the-counter pain killers, which barely helped. The pain was becoming debilitating and my hip was getting worse. Now, after just two adjustments, the second one in particular, I am 95% better and not taking any over-the-counter pain medication any more!
— V.H.
I have been battling with plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and pain in my feet and lower legs for years. It was caused by not warming up or cooling down from exercise. I tried everything: icing, stretching, compression, and special shoe inserts. It was almost impossible to do my favorite hobbies of crossfit, hiking, running, and cycling.

I have 100% recovered in about 3 months! I’m completely amazed—I was a skeptic!
— Barb F.
I can’t say enough good things about how I’ve been helped by the chiropractor and massage therapist at Demaray... From debilitating piriformis PAIN to relief. I am so grateful!
— Earlene G.
In August of 2017, I started experiencing discomfort from sciatica on my right side, radiating into my leg. My entire right foot became numb and it was difficult to get around without a cane. Long drives had become uncomfortable and I could no longer enjoy hikes or long walks.
I’ve seen a total of 5 doctors, including Physical Therapists. I was prescribed steroids and anti-inflammatories. When those drugs were unsuccessful, they scheduled me for spinal pain injections. After 3 injections, they recommended surgery, as the pain returned. So, I started researching chiropractic care online and seeking local recommendations. This is where my journey at Demaray Chiropractic began.
Dr. Demaray located a knot in my back above the sciatic nerve and massaged it out. Then, she discovered another knot in my calf. After deep massage and just one month of chiropractic adjustments, I am walking again! No cane, no limp, and I’m able to walk 4 miles now. I am feeling 95% better!!
Carla laid hands on me like no other Doctor ever had. Almost instantly, I was 75% better. I was able to walk without a cane and stretch more. Dr. Demaray is my miracle worker and she brought mobility back into my life!
— Malissa H.
Liam regularly experienced lung infections whenever he had a cold. He would be place on rescue inhalers, and in some cases he would have to be put on steroids. This made him miserable and we had to take him to the ER more than once.

Now he has not experienced an infection over this cold and flu season, despite having terrible over the holidays, and his lugs are much stronger!
— Kimberley S. (Liam's Mother)
I was having pain in my right side under my breast and sometimes in my back. Food would hang in my throat for long period of time and choke me.

Now I can say that the pain is totally gone. No more problems at all. It is so nice.
— Betty A.
I had terrible sciatic pain in my lower back, hips, and legs starting at 8 weeks pregnant. I starting seeing Dr. Demaray at 10 weeks pregnant and i wish that I had started seeing her sooner. After my appointments, I had less pain in my lower back, hips, and legs. I also have less pain when I walk. My hips feel aligned and ready for labor!
— T.G.
I’ve been coming for a few weeks now and my sciatica pain has almost vanished!! I’m walking with little to no pain!! (Couldn’t walk before without needing to sit every five minutes) I’m so excited for the future, as this will only get better! I highly recommend Demaray Chiropractic!!
— Malissa H.
For the past four years, I had mobility issues and pain in my right shoulder caused by repetitive motion at work. When I first came in, I could not lift my arm past my shoulder. I tried pain medication to help with the pain, but it wasn’t working. I hike and scuba dive; as a diver, it was hard to put on and carry my gear.

Dr. Demaray used magic to make my arm not a useless tool. I can lift my arm above my head with no pain. Go! See a chiropractor; especially at Demaray Chiropractic. Pure Magic <3 Dr. Demaray is a badass.
— -J.P.L.
I had sciatic pain and lower back pain caused from a trip over six years ago. My hobbies include riding horses, walking my dogs and hiking. I could not do any of these things without pain. I had previously been to another doctor and was given some medications. I heard about Dr. Demaray through word of mouth. She helped me return to the things I love to do again without any pain! Don’t wait to go to the chiropractor, even it’s something small!
— Melody C.