Babies need to be adjusted too?

What?? Babies need Chiropractic adjustments? Why?

Do you think the mommy's are the only one who go through stress during pregnancy and delivery? Think again. The fetus can be in some weird and different positions during pregnancy that can stress their little growing body's. Then delivery, whether vaginal or C-section, can be quite traumatic for them as well. The hours of being pushed through the birth canal jams the head and neck bones.Then there is the position of the head, shoulders and body during the forceful decent that, if they get stuck for a while during birth, can cause a lot of pressure on the sticking point ( head, shoulder, neck).. When delivered via c-section the baby is pulled from the womb by the head.

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The symptoms an astute parent will see in their newborn that will give them a clue that their baby needs to be checked by a chiropractor are; They favor turning their head to one side only while breast feeding, they cry much more than another baby at the same age, they are experiencing colic.

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The chiropractor will check for subluxation (a lack of motion, a vertebra out of alignment, tight muscles) and then perform an feather-like touch adjustment to move the vertebra into the correct alignment. This restores normal nerve flow and joint motion making the baby feel more comfortable and releasing the vibrancy of their health.

As a pediatric chiropractor I have seen fussy babies calm down and go to sleep immediately after their adjustment. The mothers report that following the adjustment the baby has slept for a longer, uninterrupted sleep time then previously.

They are able to nurse from both breasts easily.

When I am blessed to do this kind of work with newborn babies, I know that I am giving them their best chance at living a truly vibrant, healthy and energetic life possible. The power that makes the body heals the body.

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Not quite sure about having a chiropractor check your child or grandchild? Give me a call or come in for a no charge consultation. I am here to answer your questions. (707)455-8655.

Take Good Care-


Dr. Carla Demaray