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Have you ever wondered what Nutrition Response testing is all about? Listen as Dr. Demaray explains all about Nutrition response testing, morphogenetic field technique, and how to get each person the right supplements so that they won't be wasting money on things they may not need.


We are happy that you made the decision to consider Nutrition Energy Testing.  The reasons why patients have come in for testing are varied. Some examples are: Chronic Illness, Acute Gut Symptoms (e.g.: Indigestion), Gas, Stomach Cramping, Acid Reflux, Constipation or Diarrhea, Floating Stools, Undigested Food in the Stools, Chronic Fatigue, Mental Fog, and Weight Conditions, to name a few.

In order for this new, scientific method of testing to work most efficiently, it must be understood. When I was introduced to this method I was extremely skeptical. It took me years to open my mind to this testing. It was only when my husband began to suffer with left-sided stomach pain that I decided to try Nutrition Energy Testing

About 7 years ago, my husband began to complain of pain on the left, upper side of the stomach. He finally made the decision to go to the doctors to get it examined. For some patients, that decision process could take months. My point in saying that is he suffered for a year before going to a doctor, hoping that the pain would resolve itself, and it never did. At the clinic, they performed lab tests, a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. They found nothing. They gave him Prilosec and told him not to eat raw vegetables or salad. (That advice alone is questionable)

He came home quite discouraged. He took the medicine but it did not alleviate his symptoms. Two years later, the pain was still there, so he called the doctor again; the same tests were performed and the same results were reached. At about that time, I attended a seminar for nutrition testing. During the seminar they specifically stated that if you have pain on the upper, left stomach, it probably means that you have an enzyme deficiency for digesting protein. They suggested a product by the name of Zypan.  I bought it and took it home with me. I gave the Zypan to my husband and in 3 days his suffering of 4 YEARS came to an end.

This began my journey into Nutrition Energy Testing.

How does it work?

First, we give you a series of questions to fill out as completely and thoroughly as possible: The registration sheet, a System Survey, and a Toxicity Quiz. These questions help us pinpoint which organs may be showing signs of nutrient deficiency, if you have toxin overload and what symptoms you are experiencing.

Next we get a thorough history of the complaint i.e.: “how long have you had it, what is the severity of the complaint, what treatments have you tried, what medications or supplements are you taking presently and in the past?”

The examination begins with measurements of Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), % Body Fat, Salivary pH, Heart Rate Variability, and Palpation of Digestion Points. We then begin the energy field testing by doing muscle tests. Here is how it works… 

The Nutrition Energy Muscle Test

The Energy Field is tested by muscle response tests. The body, being made of trillions of atoms, has an energy field surrounding it.                                

The larger our energy field, generally the healthier our body. We test the size of your energy field in the front, back and sides. A healthier person will have a large, balanced energy field on all sides of their body. We also check the energy of individual organs and if needed, we will test specific nutrients that will support that organ. The way we check the energy field is by an easy muscle test.  The muscle test consist of the doctor putting a gentle pressure just above the wrist. If the energy field is weak, the arm will go down. If the energy field is strong, the arm will stay in place. This will be demonstrated to you in the examination procedures. If there are shoulder problems, we can use the other arm or the legs.

As we continue to check different organs we will put specific supplements on your body, and then put gentle pressure on the arm and to see if this strengthens your field. This allows us to give you specific nutrients for your body. Our end goal is to help the body create a healthy, large and balanced energy field. When this is achieved, a vibrant, energetic and robust body is the result.

When needed, we can order lab work, and/or if you have recent (1-2 months old) lab work, we ask that you bring the results with you so that we may analyze it.

The diet that you are engaged in may or may not be a nutritious one. Therefore, one of the homework assignments we have you do is to bring in food logs weekly, so that we may detect some problem areas in your diet; some of which, you may have not been aware. We help you to gradually take out some non-nutritious choices or choices that you have a sensitivity toward. We offer other food options to add into your daily food plans.

The 3 easy rules of Nutritional Therapy are:

1.      Bad Out: Eliminating non-nutritious food

2.     Good In: Choosing fresh, non-processed food that is certified organic if possible

3.     Time: It takes time for the body to heal itself

What makes this approach unique? 

Nutrition Energy Testing does not diagnose nor treat disease. We analyze the energy-field and recommend specific supplements to increase the energy where it is needed. Of course, for every patient each and every nutrition program is different, because it has to address your specific and individual needs. So, your program will be different than your spouse or friend.

Will this work for me?

Many patients have had remarkable results with this program and are enjoying a more vibrant life.

The body rebuilds itself daily, one cell at a time. When good nutrients are plentiful, the cells are made strong. When the nutrients are lacking or are poor, as in processed foods, chemical laced food and synthetic foods, the body cannot make vibrant, healthy cells. Once the poorly constructed cells accumulate in an organ, the organ does not function with ease and the patient begins to experience symptom of dis-ease.

Once the specific, whole-food nutrients are introduced to the body, the foundation of cellular health is restored and the body will begin to heal itself from the inside out.

There is no medicine that will rebuild a cell. Only the body can replace/repair its own cells. By giving the body whole, natural foods, we are providing the most essential and beneficial foundation for improving and maintaining health.

The answer to the question of “Will this work for me?” is Yes! But it is people who stay committed to the program who actually get results.

How long does it take to work?

That is up to you. It begins with the condition your body is in at this moment. If you have had chronic symptoms for years, it may take years to repair.  For some, there may have been a large amount of time that there was not noticeable symptoms, but the cells were unhealthy. This is much like a dental cavity, where you do not have pain but the tooth is decaying. Finally the pain brings to your attention the problem and you get the tooth fixed.

Generally, patients who start the process of a nutrition program, find that within 3 months, if they are committed to doing the plan, have a great deal of relief from symptoms and are experiencing more energy, vitality and health. Their energy field is balanced and large!

At this point, patients come to the office to maintain their improved nutrition state by being tested once a quarter, or when they have a symptom that has come up and has not resolved itself.

What are the supplements that you are using?

We use Standard Process™ and Mediherb™ supplements. The Standard Process™ nutrients are whole-food supplements that are grown on their own Certified Organic, Non-GMO farm in Wisconsin. They carefully harvest the vegetables, use a low heat dehydration process and then concentrate the food into specific remedies. The manufacturing plant for the supplements is only ½ mile from the farm, so the live food is made quickly into a whole-food supplement, with as little processing as possible to ensure the vitality and freshness of the supplements.

As we all know, the fresher and closer to ‘live’ fruits and vegetables are, the more active and effective the nutrients will be. This is important because it’s those nutrients that body needs to quickly and easily utilize to maintain our cells.

MediHerb’s™ products are carefully titrated herbs that are strong, concentrated, and active. Herbs are very effective in helping conditions that are sometimes more difficult to repair through just food supplements alone. Through Nutrition Energy Testing, we can ascertain the need for herbs.

The difference between Standard Process products and what are available at the big box stores is that our product is made from whole food and not synthetic, man- made vitamins.  Judith DeCava C.C.N., L.N.C states, “Nature does not produce vitamins, minerals or any other food component in segregated forms, but blends and synchronizes them for the body’s needs.” When we eat an orange, we eat the whole food in which the components of that food work in symphony with the perfect balance of enzymes, fiber, vitamin and mineral constituents. If I were to ask you “What part of a watch keeps time?” Your answer would be ’the whole watch!’ If I were to ask you, “Which part of the orange is the important part?” You would say “The whole orange.” When Standard process makes the supplements, they use the whole food!

The other concern is off the shelf vitamins are formulated to stay on the shelf for a long time. They have fillers and preservatives that bind them together so they will not disintegrate. A patient who has a business cleaning outhouses (yuck) said that he could still read the word Centrum on the pills that were eliminated in the waste.

The New York State Attorney General’s office accused 4 national retailers selling dietary supplements that were fraudulent and in many cases contaminated with unlisted ingredients.  The authorities said they had run tests on popular store brands of herbal supplements at the retailers-Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC- which showed that roughly 4 out of 5 of the products contained NONE of the herbs listed on their labels.

I have personally been to the Certified-Organic Standard Process Farm and have seen the highest standards of farming being implemented. The cleanliness of the farm equipment and the facilities, the rich, organic soil in which crops are rotated for nutrient enrichment and the pollinator field that attracts bee’s and other pollinators to the farm.

And I have been to the processing plant that meticulously makes the supplements. They have a strict procedure of checks and balances to insure the potency of each herb and plant crop to make a standard potency for each batch of supplement. I was very impressed and feel extremely confident in offering these supplements to my patients.

What are the Costs?

The Nutrition testing and office visits are a set price. If after the examination it is determined that you qualify as a patient, the supplement cost for your specific program will be explained to you before a commitment is made.

How do I qualify as a Nutrition Patient?

As was mentioned before, the condition that your body is in when you come in for your first visit will play a role in how well you will respond to a Nutrition Program. The level of commitment on your part to follow through on the Nutrition Program is a large factor on whether we can accept you into the program. Half-baked commitment leads to half-baked results.

We are committed to help you through sometimes-difficult lifestyle changes, but ultimately you are responsible for your health.

Every bite you put into your mouth is a choice to nourish your body or poison it; vibrant health or suicide
— Dr. Jay Robbins

Dr. Carla Demaray


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