The Ingredients to Health

I am always learning. I learn something every day and sometimes it is something that I have heard for years and it will just click as if a giant spot light has focused on it. One of those lessons is “You are what you eat”.  I’ve heard the tongue-in-cheek question of: “If I eat a salad will I become a salad?”  I think you know that the easy answer is no, but if you think about it, the food that we eat is what our body becomes.

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We live on the Earth and our bodies can be maintained by eating what the Earth provides. This is a perfect symbiosis, living in harmony with the Earth and what it provides.  For me, this fact is huge. These bodies were made to live on this planet and this planet provides exactly what we need. When we give our bodies what they need, they can sustain us to be 120 years old. When you compared that to a car, with a life span is 10 to 15 years, or a house with its life span is 50 to 60 before major repairs need to take place, it’s truly amazing what our bodies can do. To get our bodies have a life span of 120 years, they have to be maintained well. Less than 2 centuries ago we lived off what the earth provided in our own gardens or by going to the village markets and getting the fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs and meat that the farmers bought to market. These products were fresh, unpasteurized, non-processed foods. My Mom would bake fresh bread, make donuts and sweet rolls with flour that had not been genetically engineered. When our body is given varied fresh and unprocessed nutrients, it takes those elements and makes all of the building blocks that we need to have a healthy, energetic and vibrant body.  When we take in the organic, healthy foods, minus the preservatives, toxic pesticides and herbicides found in today’s big Agri-business farms, the body easily converts the nutrients to all of the chemicals, hormones, and cellular materials that we need to upkeep, grow and maintain our magnificent bodies.

Research is validating that 80% of our immune system is in the gut. That’s why when babies crawl on the floor they pick up dirt and germs on their hands and then they put their hands into their mouth. The dirt and germs go down into the stomach and the gut where their immune system will identify and make antibodies for every virus and bacteria in which the baby comes in contact. The baby may show symptoms of their immune system working such as a runny nose, fever or diarrhea, but this only means that the immune system is getting rid of the intruder by mucous draining it out, fever burning it out or the GI system pushing it out.

Our bodies were made to heal themselves. The nervous system controls everything. The brain integrates 300 trillion messages a day so that we can adapt to our environment and thrive. Our job is to feed the body the right things, exercise in some fashion every day and rest well each night to refresh our system. Emotions play a large role in our health as well but with the first three in accomplished the emotions are easier to get into balance. Chiropractic care clears the nerve pathways so that the body can monitor and heal itself. Nutrional testing pinpoints the deficits that the body is encountering which is diminishes the body’s’ vibrancy. Then through the testing we can suggest specific nutrients via whole food supplements that address the deficiency. To me, this philosophy is self-evident and all healthcare should be practiced this way.

My sister in law is going through a challenge with her immune system. Her body is destroying her own blood. Her doctors do not know why this is happening. They had decided that it was probably her spleen that was the culprit and so they decided to take it out. When it was taken out they found some suspicious cells so they decided to give her chemotherapy. They also gave her steroids because they thought she had inflammation in her gut. The steroids, they found out later, were eating holes in her stomach. The blood was leaking out into her gut, so her blood cell count became so low that she began passing out. They have had to give her several units of blood to increase her blood volume so that she could stay conscious. They said they could not immediately take her off the steroids because you have to “step down” from steroids.  She is in the hospital today as they try and figure out what to do next. 

My brother who works in the medical community is concerned because they are not getting to the cause of the problem. She has been ill since February. He condition has gotten progressively worse. My concern is the reactive nature of her treatment: one plug in the proverbial leaking damn after, with what seems like no concern to what’s causing the damn to leak in the first place. They have not done anything to help her immune system. They have prescribed drugs, they have performed surgery yet they have not tapped the body’s own healing capability by suggesting good nutrients, mega doses of whole food supplements, and more of what the body needs to keep itself healthy. The medical community seems to be lacking in the practice wholistic care, meaning care for the entire body, not just bits and parts.

     My sister in law is fighting for her life. I have given her supplements to boost her immune system and speed her recovery, but in her case, this condition has turned emergent. So now we wait and pray. And when she comes out of this crisis, then we will work on strengthening her immune system and enhancing her health with nutrition and chiropractic care. Because she lives in Southern California I am strongly suggesting that she goes in for regular chiropractic treatments to clear her nervous system from interference. In this way, she will give her body the very best chance at healing itself and on obtaining vibrant health. 

That’s not to say that these treatments weren’t necessary, and I know that the doctors and nurses are doing their best for her. I know that their hearts are in the right place. But, I know without a doubt that the body is absolutely magnificent in healing and repair of itself. When an emergent situation occurs and there is a life threatening sickness, the medical profession excels, but in preventative health care, and helping the body’s own systems keep itself healthy, Chiropractic and Nutrition are on top. 

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