Oh, My Darn Nails: 6 Things Your Nails Are Trying to Tell You

Did you know that your nails can tell you about what you are lacking in your diet? Here is a quick easy guide;

1) If your finger nails are soft, tear or peel easily or you have opaque white lines it may mean you are deficient in Protein.

2) If the nails are dry, brittle, break easily, or have horizontal or vertical ridges you may be deficient in Calcium. This also may be a sign of Hypothyroidism.

3) If the nails are thin, flat, spoon-shaped, white or yellow nail beds this may be a sign of Iron deficiency.

4) If there are white spots or bands on the nails or in the nail bed this could be a sign of Zinc deficiency

5) If the nail beds are yellow or there is poor or no growth it may mean that you are deficient in Vitamin E.

6) If the nail beds are darkened it may be a Vitamin B12 deficiency.


When deciding which nutritional deficiency may be your area of concern, always look to your general digestion. If you are not digesting well the food that you are eating, you are not getting the nutrients to the cells.

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