Medical Interventions for Insomnia

     When I began to look at the medical interventions for insomnia, what I noticed first was all the side effects!  Some of them are worse than the actual condition.  “Daytime Drowsiness” is the first side effect for the prescription Restoril.  So why would I want to take this prescription??? Some of the other side effects are far worse; 1. Amnesia!! What? I would take this pill and then forget part of my life? 2.  Headache, blurred vision, depression. Some folks cannot sleep because they already in a depressive state and the prescription pill is going to make it worse? Why would I choose this? 3. Muscle weakness, lack of balance and coordination. Well wouldn’t I have these symptoms if I could not sleep anyway? So why would I take a drug that would give me symptoms that I am already experiencing with the insomnia anyway?

     There must be a better solution. And there is with Chiropractic and Nutrition. Chiropractic adjustments clear the nerve pathways of interference so that the brain can talk to the body and the body can deal with stress more efficiently. If the nerves are in an irritated state because they are being compressed by a subluxation, then the reaction to stress will be heightened. If you have ever heard or experience the feeling of “You are on my last nerve!”  Then you know it feels like when the nerves are irritated and how you may over-react. Physically taking the pressure off the nerves will alleviate that feeling.

     Nutritional deficiency can lead to our own nerve chemicals being lacking in the brain. For instance Serotonin is the brain chemical that gives us a sense of calm.  Serotonin is made from proteins, carbohydrates and Vitamin B along with other nutrients. If your food is lacking nutrition or if your digestion is poor and you cannot absorb properly the right nutrients, then your brain chemicals will be deficient and you will not have that sense of calm. Nutrition testing can help find the cause of your deficiency and offer supplements and guidance on what you can do to help yourself nutritionally. We offer Nutrition testing at Demaray Chiropractic. 

     Your body is made to be self-healing. Chiropractic and Nutrition work hand in hand to help the body heal naturally without ANY side effects.

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