Oh The Places You'll Go

There is a Dr. Seuss book with that title and it is often times given to a graduating senior. The world and the future is so big, not just for graduates but for all of us. Indeed, the future is exciting to think about. What would you do if you felt physically and emotionally on top of the world?

With life in general, stresses will happen to all of us. We will have emotional, mental and physical stresses that will be a challenge for us to overcome. Stress can be a good thing for us. For instance, stressing our bodies when we exercise makes a stronger body. Stress of our mental capacity while we are learning a new subject in school enlarges our knowledge. Surviving emotional losses like breaking up with boyfriends, helps us become more empathetic to others and the hurts that they are going through.

However, too much stress for too long can be very taxing on the body. The body does not delineate stressors. When we have stress the body goes into various degrees of the “Fight or Flight” response. For instance when we are under stress our shoulders get tight and migrate up toward our ears. Our muscles tighten getting the body ready to “fight” what is stressing us, or “run away” from it. This is the response that occurs with emotional, mental or physical stress.

When the muscles stay tight for long periods of time because of stress, they pull the joints in the spine out of alignment causing Subluxation. The joints that are out of alignment compress the nerves that travel between each vertebra. The messages traveling on the nerve to individual organs are then garbled. Eventually, without the proper innervation the organ begins to malfunction and you begin to have signs and symptoms of the malfunction. For example, if the nerve to your stomach is pinched you may begin to have indigestion or gas and bloating. Another word for the malfunction is dis-ease. The organ no longer functions with ease.

Have you ever noticed when you are not feeling well you tend to lose motivation? You feel tired and fatigued.  The reason that you feel tired and lose motivation is that the body is conserving energy to use in the healing process.

Chiropractic adjustments help reduce stress on your body by taking pressure off the nerves. When the pressure is released then the nerve flow is normalized and the body begins to return to health. Health means vibrancy and vitality!

When your body feels great then you are mentally and emotionally feeling great. Imagine all the places you could go … when you are feeling great!

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