Allergies- What a Chiropractic Family Does to Minimize Irritation

My family is an allergy family. All my children and I have allergies. My husband, the lucky one, does not suffer from typical allergy symptoms such as sneezing multiple times (it seems like hundreds), watery eyes, and scratchy throat. The symptom he does get is congestion and when he gets congested he SNORES! One time while on a retreat he was bunking with the guys, everyone begged to go to bed first before Keith went to sleep, otherwise they would never get any rest because of the noise. They nicknamed him “350 big-block” after a truck engine. So, yes, we experience allergies.

When the body is introduced to an allergen it can lead to allergic Rhinitis or “Hay Fever”. When introduced to an allergen the body releases a histamine, a natural chemical made by the body to defend against the allergen. Some of these defenses result in runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. The first thing in our line of defense is getting a chiropractic adjustment. When the neck is subluxated (see or blog “What is Chiropractic” for more on subluxations), it compresses the nerves that relay up to the sinuses. The messages to the sinuses get garbled and then the sinus can over react, causing more mucous production. Also, mechanically, when the neck is moving freely the person who is prone to snoring can get into a better position to clear the airway for optimal breathing. When an adjustment is given in the neck area the congestion is relieved, the immune system is assisted and the patients’ response to the allergen returns to a more “normal” response rather than a full blown allergy response.

The second line of defense for us is whole food supplements that we sell at the clinic. The first one we go to is Antronex. Antronex comes from a liver extract that Japanese researchers discovered in the 1920’s that they call Yakitron. The scientists realized that it has a strong antihistaminic effect. (Antihistamines are what we take to decrease the swelling in our mucous membranes) It also quickens the detoxification of the blood flow through our liver. In our house it works wonders.

Recently, my oldest son, Jens, was having an acute allergy reaction. His eyes were swollen and red, he could hardly breathe and he was sneezing continuously. We had to act fast to get him relief. We paired Antronex with an herb called Albizia. Herbs can be used in acute conditions because they are fast acting. Many of our modern day medications came from herbs. This herb stabilizes the cells that release histamine and they dampen down the allergic response.

Neither of these products do not have side effects like most medications or over the counter pills. They do not make you groggy or have dry mouth. You can continue normal activities of life like taking care of your children, working, golfing, and fun outdoor activities. Both Albizia and Antronex can also be used to prevent allergies. It is suggested that for seasonal respiratory problems start the pills 4 to 6 weeks before expected onset.

 As I mentioned before, my family and I have suffered from allergies for a long time. These 3 methods of Chiropractic Adjustments, Antronex and Albizia have made our lives incredibly easier during allergy season. I hope that you get as much relief as we enjoy.

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