Did You Know (Vol. 1)

  • Picky Eaters, those who complain that the food tastes or smells bad could have a zinc deficiency. One way to test this is to come to the clinic and take the simple taste test. If they are lacking in zinc. If they have a deficiency then Chezyn or Zinc Liver Chelate and Trace Minerals B-12 would be excellent for them. You will notice a change in 2 weeks after taking the supplements.
  • Kids who are “Worriers” are generally Vitamin B deficient thanks to the Standard American Diet (SAD; fast food, highly processed boxed or canned food, unhealthy snacks). Severe depression, fears (often morbid) and worry are classic signs of Vitamin B deficiency. Cataplex B is the premier product for these kids. You will know in 30 days after taking this product if this is the cause.
  • If your child or grandchild is a Worrier AND Hyper and Excitable, Cataplex G is the “calming” B vitamin that they could use. Sometimes, depending on the child, using both Cataplex B and Cataplex G would help in giving them the correct nutrition that could stabilize their mood.
  • If your child is “Clumsy”, the most common cause is Vitamin B deficiency and Omega 3 Fatty Acid (Fish oil) deficiency:  Feed them fish once weekly and supplement with Cataplex B and Tuna Omega oil. With a daily dose of these supplement for 90 days you should notice a difference in the clumsiness if deficiency is the cause

All of these supplements are available at the clinic. If you would like more information, please call (707) 455-8655 or come in to the clinic 805 N. Lincoln St, suite E.

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