Read what some of our satisfied clients have to say about

Demaray Chiropractic & Nutrition Center.

Phyllis M. Success Story

Dr. Demaray took her time in her examination and to listen to my concerns.. Now I swear by her healing hands. Thank You!
— S.A.
I look forward to my visits with THE BEST Chiropractor, Dr. Carla Demaray. She and the rest of the staff are so sweet, I leave feeling perfect, relaxed, and literally pain free! Its like a miracle. Dr. Demaray knows exactly whats wrong and takes her time to fix you right up. She’s a blessing!
— Mindee H.
Feels like I’m Standing taller and not hunching over!
— Kendall S.
I can walk normally and have regain much of my strength in my left leg and hip. Dr. Demaray got me through a stressful move successfully!
— M.N.
It was recommended that I quit my job, take lots of medication and to schedule surgery... Her personalized, professional [and] compassionate care has made all the difference. I am still working and don’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Demaray to anyone needing relief from pain and too many medications
— Kim W.
I’m on my fourth night of a great night sleep with no medication and no pain in my back.
— Caroline H.
I no longer experience allergies and rarely get sick. As a teacher, that is almost unheard of!
— Kelly D.
My left hip was so painful when I
first came in that I needed regular over-the-counter pain killers, which barely helped. The pain was becoming debilitating and my hip was getting worse. Now, after just two adjustments, the second one in particular, I am 95% better and not taking any over-the-counter pain medication any more!
— V.H.
Liam regularly experienced lung infections whenever he had a cold. He would be place on rescue inhalers, and in some cases he would have to be put on steroids. This made him miserable and we had to take him to the ER more than once.

Now he has not experienced an infection over this cold and flu season, despite having terrible over the holidays, and his lugs are much stronger!
— Kimberley S. (Liam's Mother)
I was having pain in my right side under my breast and sometimes in my back. Food would hang in my throat for long period of time and choke me.

Now I can say that the pain is totally gone. No more problems at all. It is so nice.
— Betty A.
I had terrible sciatic pain in my lower back, hips, and legs starting at 8 weeks pregnant. I starting seeing Dr. Demaray at 10 weeks pregnant and i wish that I had started seeing her sooner. After my appointments, I had less pain in my lower back, hips, and legs. I also have less pain when I walk. My hips feel aligned and ready for labor!
— T.G.