I’m sleeping through the night. [My] stomach pain is gone and I’m having no trouble sleeping. Nutrition response testing has helped me to feel better. I recommend it to all that have problems.
— Mike B.
I got relief from low back pain and cramps caused by PMS
— A.S.
[My] scars are improving dramatically! Sitting is better and standing up tall is much better! The soreness-to-touch is also improving. Wheat Germ Oil is a miracle. I can’t wait to see what another two weeks does.
I finally have some relief from my allergies! every year I had to deal with my eyes so scratchy that they’d be almost swollen shut. The incessant sneezing and throat scratching was driving my friends and family crazy. I was afraid to drive sometimes because the flair-ups would be so bad and they would come out of nowhere. Now that Dr. D. has me on a protocol, I feel so much better! I stick to what she tells me and if I still get a flair-up then I know exactly what to do!
— J.D.
No indigestion or heartburn.
Sleeping ‘deeper’ and longer
waking up rested
— A.V.
My 5 year old son no longer suffers from chronic upset stomach and painful bowel movements!
— S.R.
I have had diabetes II for about 15 years. I have tried various things to get my blood sugars down and the last time I saw my Kaiser Doctor, he yelled at me because I was out of control in my numbers. He was dubious when I told him I was doing this, but I told him anyway.

Almost Immediately my blood sugars have gone down from in the 300’s sometimes 400’s, but are now regularly in the 100’s. This is what I was missing… the missing link. I can hardly wait for my next AIC test. My doctor will not be able to deny it. I have already been cut back from using Insulin at 25 AM and 30 PM to 10 in AM and 15 PM.
— Rose C.